As of right now I feel like complete shit

I have come to the conclusion (once again) that I do not have any real friends. People will come into your life, learn all of your secrets and weaknesses, and use them to use you. It may not seem like that, you may believe you are over thinking and the problem is just in your head. That, my dear, is not the case. I have been used over and over by everybody in my life that is not my family. Those people will deny it to fullest. But I ask you Tumblr,….. where are these friends?

I see look at my wrist, they see the scars, they turn the other way. They see my struggle but don’t even ask if I need help. When I will fight everybody when it is not my battler so you won’t have to deal with consequences. or When I will easily, with no hesitation, give 300$ to somebody for, lets say, a car, a car they could get without my help. But no I genuinely care for others and really want to see others happy.

It may sound like one of those pity posts but I have nobody else I can talk to right now besides tumblr.

There definitely is one person I can truly trust and that is Alfredo. We have been through enough that I know he is actually here for me and not for what I can give him.

I can go on and on about this but right now my head feels like it is going to explode.

Am i doomed to be friendless forever?


As of right now I have decided to make a new blog. I will no longer be using this blog. I need some privacy of my own. That is all.


I feel like cutting

And there goes our friendship. Over. Because of stupidity. -_- I’m an idiot. I want to scream!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuughhhhsjdhdjehdhdjdjjjahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!


Unfortunately when I fall. I fall hard. That’s why I make sure it’s worth falling. Unfortunately I’m not always right about the ones I fall for. :/


Just want to kiss you. :/

Yes of course

Yes of course


I cried like an idiot. You must feel horrible. I’m sorry I’m so crazy. But I’m disappearing from everybody now.